DMS May 21,2018

Back The Funk
Boo’d Up (Mr. Collipark Remix _ Blend)
Date Night (Same Time) (Mike D Uptempo Remix _ Clean)
Deep Dish It
Dinero (Cardi Verse Only _ Spanglish _ Clean _ Short Edit)
Dinero (Cardi Verse Only _ Spanglish _ Dirty _ Short Edit)
Dinero (Spanglish _ Clean)
Dinero (Spanglish _ Dirty)
Earthquake (PRIMOZ Twerk _ Trap Remix _ Dirty)
El Bano (Audio1 Remix _ Spanish _ Clean)
Fall Into My Love (Romen Jewels Remix)
Flow Salvaje (DJ Dexterous Cumbia Re-Drum _ Spanish)
Get 2 It (Clean)
Get 2 It (Dirty)
Jackie Chan (Dirty _ Short Edit)
Jackie Chan (Dirty)
Just Flex
Lemon _ El Campanero (ETX Hip Hop To Cumbia Segue _ Spanglish _ Clean)
Lift Yourself x Gold Digger (Segue _ Clean)
Lift Yourself x Gold Digger (Segue _ Dirty)
Merengue _ Oye Mi Canto (Transition 114-105bpm Mix _ Spanglish _ Dirty)
One Kiss (Jauz Remix)
One Kiss (Jauz RMX _ Short Edit)
Party In The USA (Scooter 2018 Remix)
Plug Walk (SH8K Remix _ Clean)
Plug Walk (SH8K Remix _ Dirty)
Ramon Ayala’s Turnup (Audio1 VIP Moombahton Mix _ Spanish _ Clean)
Ramon Ayala’s Turnup (Moombahton _ Spanish _ Clean)
Sangria Wine (Clean)
Sergio El Bailador (Audio1 2018 Cumbia Remix _ Spanish _Clean)
Sexo (Corrupt Moombahton Remix _ Spanish)
Solo (Clean _ Short Edit)
Solo (Clean)
Somebody (Romen Jewels Remix)
Start Again (Clean _ Short Edit)
Start Again (Clean)
Sweet Dreams
Te Bote (Remix) (ETX Re-Drum _ Spanish _ Clean)
Touch The Sky x Butterfly (Jason Jani Blend _ Dirty)
Touch The Sky x Truffle Butter (Jason Jani Blend _ Clean)
Who You Came With (Clean)
Who You Came With (Dirty)

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